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Anonymous asked: Do you recommend Raymond Buckland for Wicca beginners?



No, I would never recommend Buckland for beginners, not only did he break his oaths and divulge information he had no right to share, he has also written books with historical inaccuracies. His book on “Scottish” witchcraft declares that the ancient Picts practiced Wicca and he also has a book on “g*psy” magic that is a disgusting and inaccurate “representation” of the cultures slurred with the word g*ypsy. He would not be a good resource for beginners.


Scary thing is that I have one of his books. It was like 50 cents with the lot of books that I got when I first found out that I was a witch.
Gonna sell it ASAP :D
Good thing I never cracked into it. It seems kinda sketchy anyways :P


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Billy Boyd
Edge of Night






I maintain that this is one of the most beautiful, haunting songs I have ever heard… and yet I hardly see anyone singing the praises of Billy Boyd. So here is an appreciation post for him. You have a lovely voice, sir.

EDIT: I’ve learned from many of you since posting this that Mr. Boyd actually wrote the melody to this song himself. One more reason to appreciate his amazing talent! Thank you to those who taught me something new. ^_^

Billy Boyd as Pippin Took

Well, i’m crying.

noooo i canttttt

I used to listen to this song on repeat. This moment in the movie is so powerful and Billy’s voice gives me goosebumps. THANK YOU FOR THIS APPRECIATION POST.

I always wished he actual sang the whole poem.

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